Organizing Committee

            Time line


            Sample Budget

Choir members

            Invitation letter

            Registration form

            Sweatshirt order form

            CD Response form

            Final letter to Choir 

Promotion and Advertising

            Advertising Summary
            Promotion Information


                        Radio – CBC Chorale Concert

            Church announcement

                Email to local paper

            Final News release


            Letter to Township

            Ad Sponsorship Invoice

                Thank You Letter



            Ticket Distribution

            Ticket Distribution Sheet




June Start up meeting

·        decide on dates for rehearsals

·        confirm church availability – both rehearsal and performance churches

·        decide dates for set up and tear down of venue (stage, etc.)

·        assign responsibilities to committee members

·        order posters and tickets – to be printed after date confirmation

·        confirm availability and condition of Harpsichord

·        request music stands

·        check on lights for orchestra 

·        stage



·        report on progress

·        send out letters to former choir members (example attached)

·        Order musical instruments needed for the performance

                                    Timpani - if needed

·        Consider sound and recording of performances

·        also consider photograph of choir



·        set up seating plan as soon as possible

·        finalize all responsibilities

·        make sure music instruments, etc. are being looked after

·        plan party

·        designate person to lead choir in prayer before each performance

·        sign up list for stage crew



·        make sure everyone knows what to wear – what time to be there, etc.


Wrap up meeting

·        critic event

·        financial report 

                            - donations to churches, UMST, other organizations

·        letter to choir members stating financial picture, CD availability, etc.

                        (copy attached)

·        decide dates for next performance – Tom to make sure orchestra would be available on those dates



Promotion and Advertising: including posters, tickets and programmes.

All public communication for both rehearsals and performances with the objectives of maximizing attendance and financial return.

            Chorale Concert on CBC

         Front of house:

Manage all aspects of performance except music.  Doors, lights, ticket taking, intermission, refreshments, lock up.

Contact Youth of Trinity United to arrange refreshments during break of Messiah performances.



Responsible for all matters to do with musical performance and standards. 

Obtaining and contracting orchestra, rehearsal pianist and selecting soloists



Responsible to ensure all persons (choir, orchestra, exec., all committees) are informed on all relevant issues.



Preparation of performance space.  Stage, seating, lighting, music stands, etc.



purchase rehearsal and performance refreshments (juices and water) for Choir and musicians


Cast Party:

Book the Uxbridge Music Hall for cast party following last performance date.

Arrange for finger food (ask choir members)

Purchase other supplies (plates, napkins, cups, etc.)

Prepare refreshments other than bar.

Contact Udora Lions to bartend


Host Relations:

Rehearsal host (should be member of the rehearsal church)

Greeters at the door for rehearsals to collect money, have sign in sheet available, arrange seating plan, answer questions, hand out CDs, sweatshirts, etc.

Rehearsal and Performance clean up.




Take meeting notes – follow ups

Thank you notes

Website maintenance


Finances: – two signing officers per cheque

            receive/ deposit funds

            confirm and pay invoices for expenses incurred

            reconcile bank statements

            report to committee regularly

            send donations from proceeds as directed by Organizing Committee

            invest any start up funds in secure investments for time between performances








Event offerings


Membership Registration

Advertising Sponsorship

Performance Sponsorship

Music & Score Sales

Promotional Item Sales

Interest & other income










Musicians & Professional fees

Advertising & printing

Instrument rental & tuning



Promotional item production costs

Rehearsal refreshments

Stage & set expense

Music & scores
















Donations from proceeds to:

            rehearsal church

            performance church

            Local Food Bank

            Uxbridge Music Scholarship Trust



                                                      UXBRIDGE MESSIAH SINGERS



21 September 20__


Dear Choir Member(s):


We would like to extend to you again this year an invitation to join in the 20__ Production of Handel’s Messiah.  We are looking forward to another enjoyable season of practices, concerts and fellowship.  We hope you will be able to join us. 


The practices will again be held at __ Church in Uxbridge, Sunday afternoons from 2:00 PM until 4:00 PM.  Practices will start on October __.  Please come a little early on the first day to facilitate registration.  As always, there will be a cost of $20.00 to each choir member to cover the expense of practice refreshments etc.  Scores and practice tapes will be available to purchase for those who do not already have one.  Our concerts will be on December __ and __ with a dress rehearsal on Sunday December __, all at Trinity United Church, Uxbridge.


Once again we will need the assistance of Choir members to help make this year a success.  We require involvement in promotion, stage set up, enlisting sponsors, practice refreshments, concert organization, and ticket distribution to name a few.  Please consider how you can help and be prepared to sign up at our first few practices.


Once again, we are looking forward to seeing you on October __.


Yours very sincerely,





c/o 38 Toronto St. N. Unit 2, Uxbridge, ON L9P 1E6


Letters to include:  Registration form, sweatshirt order form, CD order form, sign up to help with set up or clean up of cast party.  Ask if choir members know anyone who might like to be a sponsor.

                           (Brian has Master list of choir members)








                                                      UXBRIDGE MESSIAH SINGERS




February 20__


Dear Choir Member:


What a tremendous performance!!  The 20__ edition of Handel’s Messiah can only be billed as the greatest success in our history as a group….and your participation was an important part of that success.  Comments received from those in attendance were very positive.  We performed to almost full house audiences both nights.  Most comments we heard from the choir members were very enthusiastic.  Our soloists were top notch, to say the least, and the orchestra was fabulous.


Oh, there were a few glitches, but they were not too noticeable and certainly did not take away from the effect of the whole event.  Many have said they are already looking forward to our next production.  By the way, the dates for the 20__ edition are set at December __, __, and __, with practices starting on October __.  You can mark it in your calendars if you like.


Now, for the really exciting news!  Financially, we had the most successful event in our history as well.  As some of you will already know, our costs are fairly significant.  The professional musicians alone cost us close to $10,000.00.  However, with the proceeds of this year’s production we have been able to make significant contributions to our community.  First of all, we were pleased to be able to make donations to the churches that so willingly offered us the use of their properties for practices and performances.  From our remaining balance we have made a donation of __ to the Loaves & Fishes Food Bank and a donation of __ to the Uxbridge Music ScholarshipTrust.  We know that you will be as delighted with these opportunities as we are.  Thank you for helping make this possible.


We would like to thank each of you again for your part.  Especially, we would like to thank those who went out of their way to help in so many ways to make the event possible.  We look forward to seeing you all in 20__!


Yours very sincerely,




Organizing Committee

c/o 38 Toronto St. N. Unit 2, Uxbridge, ON L9P 1E6

The Uxbridge Messiah Singers


G.F. Handel’s



Monday & Wednesday

December  & , 8:00 PM


First Avenue, Uxbridge


No Set Admission Fee

An Offering to Defray Expenses Will Be

Received at the Door

(Suggested Donation $20.00)


Tickets are limited in number and are available in advance at:



Presentation of




December 20th and 21st

Trinity United Church, First Avenue

Uxbridge, Ontario

Starting at 8:00 PM

Tickets are free,

Donations will be received at the door to defray expenses.

Suggested donation is $15.00 per person




The bi-annual gala production of Handel’s Messiah will be presented Monday and Tuesday evenings, December 20th and 21st at Trinity United Church in Uxbridge.  Performances begin at 8:00 PM.


This unforgettable seasonal tradition will be presented by the Uxbridge Messiah Singers; a volunteer organization which exists solely to bring Handel’s much loved oratorio to area music lovers.  The Uxbridge Messiah Singers are known for their high quality and well directed production.


The 2004 production will be conducted once again by Thomas Baker, with a chorus of over 90 voices from around Durham & York regions, and a 15 piece professional orchestra.


Although there is no set admission charge for the Messiah, donations to defray expenses are received at the door each evening.  Producers are suggesting a $20 donation per person.  Only 750 tickets are available for each performance, and it is strongly recommended that you obtain your tickets in advance.  Please call (905) 852-3184 for ticket information.


Samples of information to be sent to churches and to local paper.

One before Thanksgiving to enlist singers and one in December to announce the Messiah performances.







Could you please give this information to your congregation regarding the Messiah Production for 2004?




CALLING ALL SINGERS!  We are beginning preparations for the 2004 production of Handel’s Messiah.  The choir practices are planned to start on October 17th at St Paul’s Anglican Church in Uxbridge.  Practices begin at 2:00 PM and end at 4:00 PM each Sunday until performances on December 20th & 21st.  If you have been a choir member in the past or would like to accept the wonderful challenge and experience of this inspirational musical production, please come and join us.


For further information contact Wendy Auger at (905) 852-5153 or Brian Evans at (905) 852-3184




Email to local paper for Community Events

To:  Judi Bobbitt at

Hi Judi

Please include the following announcement in the Coming Events of the Times Journal.


A CHRISTMAS CLASSIC - HANDEL'S MESSIAH will be presented by the Uxbridge Messiah Singers on Monday, December 20 and Tuesday, December 21, 8 p.m. at Trinity United Church, First Ave., Uxbridge.  The 90 member choir and professional orchestra will be conducted by Thomas Baker.  An offering ($15 suggested) to defray expenses will be accepted at the door.  Tickets available at Blue Heron Books, Presents, Presents and Radio Shack in Uxbridge.


Thank you,

Carolyn Hicken


Uxbridge Messiah Singers


February, 2003

Uxbridge Messiah Singers

News Release

For Immediate Release



Productions Success Is Good For the Community


The Uxbridge Messiah Singers have completed the most successful production of Handel’s Messiah in their history.  With that success came some really practical benefits to local community groups.  After the performances were over and all the expenses paid, the choir was able to make contributions to two worthy causes within our town. A donation for $1,000.00 was given to the Loaves and Fishes Food Bank, and $2,000.00 was contributed to the Uxbridge Music Scholarship Fund.


“We are very pleased to be able to make these contributions to our town.” George Pratt, President of the choir, commented.  He adds, “Our expenses are fairly significant for this event because we hire professional musicians to ensure a top notch production.  These high quality musicians cost the choir close to $10,000.00.  The Choir of over 100 members are volunteers and work hard for 10 weeks to prepare.  But they also make financial contributions that help our event to be the success it is every two years.”


The production of Messiah continues to draw full house audiences from Uxbridge and the surrounding communities, even as far away as Toronto.  Many cannot believe the quality of the performances and compare them to professional productions elsewhere in Canada.  Support for the event comes from the Choir, Township of Uxbridge, Corporate Sponsors and the suggested donation of $15.00 per ticket received at the door from the audience.  “We are always a bit concerned before each production that we will meet our financial commitments”, says Mr. Pratt, “So far over these many years we have been okay.  It is just tremendous that we are also able to make these presentations to support organizations in our community.”


The Uxbridge Messiah Singers will perform again in December 2004.



- 30 -


Wording for under the attached Photo


The Uxbridge Messiah Singers once again held successful performances of Messiah in December.  Wendy Auger (Centre), on behalf of the choir, is pleased to make presentations of $1,000.00 to Mary Lobban (left) of the Loaves and Fishes Food Bank and $2,000.00 to Anthony Holt (right) of the Uxbridge Music Scholarship Fund.




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